Apr. 5th, 2012

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Ahoy there!   Here be Pirate fics!  Dashing tales of desperate men, cruel fate, and forbidden romance!  Accounts of captured cabin boys, estranged families, and duels to the death! Stories of battle and bedding on the high seas!  

So, just as I was looking for some awesome fics to rec this month, two things happened.  First, I came to the dismayed realization that I desperately need to improve my tagging habits  *sheepish grin*,  and second, one of my favorite writing pairs just put the final touches on their latest WIP - one I've been following like a cat focused on a moving laser pointer. Thus I decided this batch of recs will feature bloodthirsty historical criminals, sex, and enormous amounts of h/c schmoop.  ^_^   Don't let the warnings on these fics put you off, these are not dark!fics - for the most part, they're actually intentional romances: slashy versions of good old-fashioned bodice-rippers - and everyone knows how a good romance ends!  

Blanket warnings for florid turns of phrase, innaccurate use/abuse of historical and nautical terminology, violence, mild gore, swashbuckling, thievery, naval battles, tight pants, scurvy knaves, looting, plundering, and general skulduggery.  They're pirates.   ; )

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