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But someone recced me this in a comment elsewhere, and I kind of think it is a work of slightly tacky GENIUS!


~I don't know why it won't embed properly  
                          ETA: must use old embed code  (curse you, newfangled Flash embeds  *shakes fist*

Now I want a gif of Eddie Izzard saying "Yus!" or  "And this is all true..."  here.  Can angels make that happen?

**  SPN J2 Big Bang is ongoing right now  -  which means I'm trying to keep up with all the BBs,  monitor the BBs posting to AO3 and invite the authors/artists to post to the Supernatural and J2 Big Bang Collection over there,  keep an eye out for BB authors who need/want AO3 invites,  track all of my lovely AO3 Subscriptions,  and try to stay on top of all the new Avenger-fic!  Plus, people keep reccing awesome Inception fics  -  nooooo, I don't need a new fandom!  I'm barely keeping my head above water as it is!  I still haven't managed to make it through the kinkmeme - or the last several comment memes  ([livejournal.com profile] be_compromised : stop being so amazing for just a few days so the rest of us can catch up!)  

AND I really would like to post some Avenger recs and lovely scifi BigBang recs, but ....   then I would have to spend less time reading fic.  O.O  

Like that's gonna happen.

I want to find out if anyone from AO3 is doing a membership drive/info thingy at Wincon or if I should volunteer.   Guess I should get right on that, huh?  (Really, I just want a T-shirt - even if I have to make my own.)

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Has anyone else noticed a sudden uptick in the misuse of the word 'loose' for the word 'lose' ?  And 'loosing' for 'losing' ?
In all kinds of fics, not just by one author.  I mean, they don't even sound the same.  
Maybe it's just the 'o' key gets stuck?   Repeatedly?
It's weirding me out because I've never seen it to this extent before (believe me, *nitpick-woman* would have noticed)  

It's like some kind of meme-virus that spreads or something.  Quick - what's the equivalent of a condom for a word processing application?  I don't want to get infected!  *I weep for I have no Matt Damon to fret over my future affliction*

On that note: why doesn't the CW do some disaster-of-the-week movies?  They're cheap and fast to make (supposedly).  They've got the hottie casts under contract.  Supernatural alone has the effects expertise necessary.  And cheap, cheesy movies are every network's inalienable right or something.  Syfy can't hog all the glory!  Tom Welling should land a crashing plane!  Katie Cassidy should lead a ragtag group of survivors to safety!  

(Secretly, I just want Jensen to get cast against type and pull a total Rodney McKay while wearing wire-rims and maybe a labcoat at some point - possibly he could rail at some incompetent government-stooge types.   No, I haven't overthought this at all.)

Is there a disaster-fic bang anywhere? Like reworkings of The Towering Inferno or Volcano, etc.?  If not, why not?

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This is the fifth time in three days - and many, many fics (why yes, I am pdfing like mad, thank you very much) - and I can't keep it in anymore!

DISCRETE and DISCREET are not the same thing!  But they are both real words, so spellcheck will not work on them!

Discrete means separate or removed from.   (Four discrete piles of colored M&Ms)

Discreet (the word you mean to use) means restrained, cautious, or circumspect.  (A discreet cough alerted them to his presence)

Please, please pay attention!

Also,  BATED breath is breath that is being held back, often in anticipation.

BAITED (I see this so often and it's not even funny any more) breath is breath that stinks.  Like bait.  For catching fish.  Worms and that kind of thing.  Not romantic or sexy  - at ALL.

People - spellcheck will not save you - please make sure your Betas have dictionaries, too.  Please.  From the heart  please.


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