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This video illustrates one of the main reasons I enjoyed Neo Ned so much.  Ned is crazy, fucked-up, AND adorably sweet.

Since he is played by Jeremy Renner, he is also STUPIDLY HOT.  

(Seriously, how does he make almost everything he does - even the dorky stuff - sexy?  His face is not classically handsome, but he moves like a model-turned-martial artist and is believable as almost any character: soldier - duh, assassin - ditto, rich businessman - sure, rock star - hell yeah, cowboy - ditto ditto, car salesman, personal trainer, college professor, policeman, biker, doting dad, chef - yes, please, I'd love some more .....)

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But someone recced me this in a comment elsewhere, and I kind of think it is a work of slightly tacky GENIUS!


~I don't know why it won't embed properly  
                          ETA: must use old embed code  (curse you, newfangled Flash embeds  *shakes fist*

Now I want a gif of Eddie Izzard saying "Yus!" or  "And this is all true..."  here.  Can angels make that happen?

**  SPN J2 Big Bang is ongoing right now  -  which means I'm trying to keep up with all the BBs,  monitor the BBs posting to AO3 and invite the authors/artists to post to the Supernatural and J2 Big Bang Collection over there,  keep an eye out for BB authors who need/want AO3 invites,  track all of my lovely AO3 Subscriptions,  and try to stay on top of all the new Avenger-fic!  Plus, people keep reccing awesome Inception fics  -  nooooo, I don't need a new fandom!  I'm barely keeping my head above water as it is!  I still haven't managed to make it through the kinkmeme - or the last several comment memes  ([livejournal.com profile] be_compromised : stop being so amazing for just a few days so the rest of us can catch up!)  

AND I really would like to post some Avenger recs and lovely scifi BigBang recs, but ....   then I would have to spend less time reading fic.  O.O  

Like that's gonna happen.

I want to find out if anyone from AO3 is doing a membership drive/info thingy at Wincon or if I should volunteer.   Guess I should get right on that, huh?  (Really, I just want a T-shirt - even if I have to make my own.)

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Okay did anyone else see this?  It's better than the original trailer, in my opinion!

Also, go now to pet, stroke, and coo over [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub's fantastic Avenger's Kissing Meme!

 Awesomeness awaits!
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Is it just me, or did anyone else see Phil there at the end? I mean, a slightly balding white guy in a suit and tie nearly running into Agent Hill as she leaves the bridge of the Helicarrier?  Who else on that thing wears a suit and tie?  Who else would be striding purposefully onto the bridge, probably to report to Fury for debrief or something?   Who else could it be?


Phil is not dead.  That is all.

My favorite bits were the parts where Cap is all super-soldier-with-amazing-physical-competency.  Everything - jumping out of the plane, using the Helicarrier like a jungle gym (EVERYONE in this movie was flinging themselves off of anything/everything ... just, turn around and jump/fall/dive full speed ahead, relying on sheer skill when it comes to hitting the bad guy/making it in time/not going splat.  SO MUCH COMPETENCE - I HAVE MANY COMPETENCE FEELS.) When he's running down the street to get to the hostages? The running and diving, somersaulting, knowing exactly how to move, just ...  AAAAAH!  And the little thing he and Tony do where the repulsor reflects/ricochets off the shield? XD XD XD XD  Iron Man's entrance in Germany! Overriding the comms for his own personal soundtrack!  Hell, ALL of Tony's entrances were amazing. The talk/threats with Loki - I kept going "aaw yeah, here's the showman.  Bring it, Tony!"
LOOOOVED  Tasha - " Thank you for your cooperation", "It'll be fun".  Hijacking alien space-chariot of unknown technological origin? That's confidence, girlfriend.   And the audience applauded when Hulk 'smashed' Loki - just, I can't, right in the middle of the grand speech, it was BEAUTIFUL.  I would rather have a gif of that than one of the Hulk/Thor punchout, just when people are being annoying ^_____^

I cannot talk about Hawkeye because there are no words for how much I heart Jeremy Renner - I just saw Ghost Protocol, okay?  It's, he's ... *wibbles*  


And Bruce! - I agree with everyone, Mark Ruffalo was FANTASTIC!  Way to redeem a comicbook movie character, Joss!  I disliked the other two Hulk movies ( I told a friend who hasn't been following the movies until now, and who wants to watch all the previous relevant Marvel films, that she could skip the Norton Hulk, except for maybe the last bit with Fury).  I would go see a movie with this Hulk.  AND the Black Widow/Hawkeye backstory movie!

And Pepper being barefoot at home b/c in her Louboutins she's taller than Tony!  In her Daisy Dukes!  "Tony doesn't like it when people hand him things"  And her giant diamond! (whataya think ~12~ carats?)

Also, how many groups of fans do you think are planning like, "Let's go see it again, and then after - we'll go for schwarma!"   The restaurants are probably so confused by the sudden uptick in business.  XD  XD

*rubs hands together gleefully*  Now for all the Bruce fic and fixit fic and Hawkeye angst fic and ...

(seriously, this movie has redeemed the entire last few weeks of my life - only something this good could make me feel better about what's going on.  And now I have to learn XHTML coding in the next month - sigh.  If only I had enough money to see it again and again.  I wonder if a doctor could prescibe a film as an anti-depressant and if insurance would cover it? *ponders*)


Apr. 24th, 2012 12:34 am
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