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Grammar and Homophones and Apostrophes, oh my!

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Birthdate:Nov 23
I -

- am always up at night - night is my day and the rest of the world is just wrong

- spend a lot of time in my own head - it's nice to have visitors now and again, though;)

- discovered slash fanfiction in 2009 and have never looked back

- am not a writer, but a dedicated, voracious reader with a healthy aversion to grammatical errors and bad spelling. I will make pdf, epub, and mobi files upon request and will host files for download, also upon request :)

- am still basically clueless about online communities and not very 'social-media' literate (but I'm getting better!)

- feel I should warn that I'm a perennial lurker who's basically using LJ to get over my shyness, so if I seem weird or abrupt see: the abovementioned lack of social savvy (besides, I've been called weird since I was 7 years old, I'm okay with my weird)

- am trying to be more friend-ly since I'm commenting and posting way more often than I used to. Friend and defriend me at your whim! I will most likely friend back ♥ I promise I use cuts on my entries now - when you're not expecting visitors, the housekeeping falls a little by the wayside ;-)

- don't post often: it's mostly squee, pimping and recs right now

- have fallen desperately in love with the Archive Of Our Own. Message me if you need an invite!

- am a word nerd: I love words, the english language, and any permutations thereof: grammar, spelling, vocabulary trivia, slang, etymology, lolspeak, the Apostrophe Protection Society, and on and on ....

- would totally be willing to beta (SPAG, vocabulary, usage) or Ameri-pick if asked

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