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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Texas, United States of America
cis female/40+/Texas,USA

I -

- am an introvert (grayace)

- spend a lot of time in my own head (it's nice to have visitors now and again, though)

- discovered slash fanfiction and, subsequently, social media fandom life, in 2009, and have never looked back

- am not a writer, but a dedicated, voracious reader and AO3 supporter

- am very much a multi-shipper, and pretty catholic fandom-wise. I follow a 'Don't Like, Don't Read' rule when it comes to fanfiction, so anti-shipping is not welcome here

- am interested in a bunch of different stuff, and I subscribe to journals trying to feed my desire for a Tumblr-like mix of Things I'm Definitely Into and new Things I Didn't Know I Would Be Interested In, but totally want to hear more about (maybe your new hyperfixation is MY next fandom, you never know)

- feel I should warn that I'm a perennial lurker, so if I seem weird or abrupt see: the many years I've spent on Tumblr. Apologies in advance

- Subscribe or Unsubscribe at your whim! As I said, I'm used to Tumblr's more informal yet still self-curated atmosphere - I understand the need to prune your Readings page. If you're wondering why I Suscribed to your page, it's likely that I know you from Tumblr, or that you just seem really cool

- don't post often: I am still mostly on Tumblr (for now)
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