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It's been a while since I've bought a book (in hardcover, no less!) that wasn't for work or an ebook.   But Dragon Ship (!!!!!!!!!) came out last week and I haven't been able to pry myself away from the Liaden Universe until now, since every new release always seems to necessitate a re-read of all (well, a significant portion anyway) of the previous novels.  *dreamy sigh*  

I have loved this series since I found the first one in a B. Dalton back in 1989, all through the years where I searched fruitlessly for more sequels - not realizing that the authors were self-publishing and epub pioneers, as I didn't have internet access at the time - and I will buy every dang last one in hardcover or however it's published, just to show my support and keep the series coming! 

*hollow voice*   I will never forget the famine years...

Stephen Brust : you're up, dude.  I bought Desecrator, but that was just an amuse-bouche.  Seriously, what's Vlad up to now?

Aaaand since I'm posting anyway:  

Lately I've been afflicted with this Avengers plot-bunny where Loki is a cult leader a la Koresh crossed with Tony Robbins(?) and Clint, Tony and Steve have all fallen under his spell.  Clint's had such a rough life, he's hurt and damaged, he'll give in to <i>anyone</i> who shows the slightest sign of interest or caring and Loki's got him wound around his little finger.  Tony's just come out of rehab and he's lost, floundering around for direction or meaning in his life. And Steve's lost, too.  He's just back from his second tour, returning home to find that everyone he knows has moved on in their lives without him, and he feels like can never go back to the life he had before.  Enter Coulson, Natasha and Bruce as cult deprogrammers hired by Pepper, who's totally worried about Tony (and maybe Obie, worrying that Tony will start donating his riches to the cult/Loki?)  I'm imagining de-programming more like the Kate Winslet/Harvey Keitel Holy Smoke movie rather than some kind of lab/science/Bourne thing. More psychological and confrontational.  Emotionally messy, in a cathartic way.  But also: happy endings for everybody!

Obviously Phil (or Natasha, works either way) is the badass, tough-love type who nevertheless falls for Clint after much soul searching about professional ethics and 'crossing the line' with someone who's been victimized.  Bruce would be the psychologist who's supportive and sneakily able to get Tony and Steve to admit their feelings.  Possibly he and Natasha have a complicated history, because I really want Steve and Tony to find answers to all of their questions in each other.  Since neither of them are really deep into Loki's mind games (they just couldn't find worthwhile reasons to leave the cult, since it was where they felt accepted and loved) they break away more easily than Clint does.  

Loki, seeing himself losing control of his followers (and believing most of his own mystique), makes some sort of last-ditch attempt to hold sway over them, causing even more trauma for Clint and driving Coulson/Natasha into taking things into his/her own hands. (Oooh! OT3?)  

And Thor is there the whole time as Loki's worried stepbrother who feels badly for the havoc Loki has caused, and is working as an advisor with the de-programming team.  Possibly he's just trying to keep his brother from getting any deeper into trouble. Possibly he's got very personal issues with his step-sibling, and those come out during the fallout of Loki's dastardly plan.  He's devoted and totally willing to help (misunderstood? creepily manipulative?)Loki through his sentence/rehabilitation/counseling

And Pepper leans on Rhodey for support, while Darcy is the team's mascot/snark distributor/ex-cult member (Backstreet Boys was <i>totally</i>a cult!) representative.  Also Bruce thinks she's hot.  Maybe there's Jane and Peggy around in there somewhere?  Plus, insert Bucky anywhere.  Bucky makes everything better - he's also majorly messed-up and will fit right in.

(OR -  there could be Martha Marcy May Marlene-fic where Clint is confused and doesn't know which of his alternate personas are real.  And neither does nayone else *cue creepy atmospheric music*)

I HAVE MANY INVOLVED AND DETAILED FEELS.  They are vaguely specific and specifically vague and are based on other fics I have read/am reading, plus whichever gorgeous fanarts/pics show up in my Tumblr.  *sticks out tongue at self in exasperation*

Also, I am beginning to stress about maybe trying some kind of AO3 membership info dump/meetup at Wincon.  

*Things I don't know:  who all's going, who is also on AO3, how to contact people on AO3 to find out who'd be interested, what cons are like

*Things I do know:  ???    (Basically, I've got my registration and reservations (this last in both senses of the word, hee!))

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