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I must say that I am thrilled that AO3 now allows vids and art!   Am hoping we will be able to arrange to do cool OTW membership drive stuff/ AO3 fangirling at Wincon somehow.  T-shirts and buttons and explaining how archiving stuff so people can always find it to comment and love on and hug and pet and call George is not only genius, but necessary.  ~But NOT usurping  LJ as the place where people TALK and CONNECT.  Everyone seems to be worrying about the fragmenting of fandom, but I see people simply specializing their areas of interaction: Tumblr for teh artz and gifs all pavlovianly refreshed like Twitter, AO3 for hosting, searching, downloading, subscribing to fic by topic and tag and bookmark, and LJ and DW for friendship and meta and squee about all of the aforementioned (comment fic! Oh peerless pinnacle of fandomly dialogue, how I adore thee!).  It is less focused, but still kind of enriched by all the interconnectivity.

That's why I like subscriptions and feeds and tracking links - and I guess the fact that I find new awesome fic I wouldn't even think to look for elsewhere almost every DAY on AO3 makes me massively excited about it right now, I can't help myself!

Thus I am - completely unexpectedly - reading werewolf Sherlock WIPs and Jeremy Renner/Colin Farrell bondage porn (looking at you, [archiveofourown.org profile]Resonae) and ...  I like it!

So call me crazy.   =P


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